Easy Resolutions

A few years ago, I worked for a multi-family office.   We had some “old money” clients and did just about everything related to their finances — from investment management to tax preparation and bill payment services.

While most of us might not ever have a dedicated staff of personal accountants, organizing your finances is easier than ever.   You can leave your checkbook in the drawer and your excel spreadsheets unopened — these online power tools can make your New Year’s financial resolutions “do-able.”


Mint.com.  This free website combines information from all of your online accounts, including credit cards, mortgage, investments, and even 401k plans.  The result: automated tracking of your savings, expenses, and net worth.   Mint can even help you save money by finding good deals on banking services.  And, it makes keeping your New Year’s resolutions easy by tracking progress toward your financial goals.

Just how good is Mint?  A few years ago, Intuit purchased Mint the company to replace their own product, Quicken Online.

WSJ.com:  The Wall Street Journal offers a very solid portfolio-tracking tool with daily email  updates.  A great way of following breaking news on your top holdings.  (subscription required)


Bloomberg.  This is easily my favorite financial news app for the iPad.  Simply amazing how much useful  information they deliver on a tablet screen.  Crisp and clean – it is like having a miniature Bloomberg terminal at your fingertips.

SigFig.  Many people have accounts at more than one financial institution, which makes seeing the “big picture” somewhat challenging.  SigFig collects updated information on all of your investment accounts to provide a quick overview of performance, portfolio risk, and asset allocation.

If you still feel overwhelmed, sometimes a little coaching can be a good thing.  Feel free to call or send an email for more guidance on managing your investments.

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