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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

For the past three years we’ve journeyed into sustainability and finance, to discover that they are not mutually exclusive. For me it has been an eye-opening experience, and I hope that it has been for you, too. One of disciplines of … Continue reading

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Growing Old Together

Instead of boring my readers with pictures of demographic pyramids turned upside-down, or horrifying everyone with damning statistics on why Social Security is the largest government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme ever, let’s look at some of the unintended consequences of aging populations worldwide: … Continue reading

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Resilience is Always Local

Great video here from Eric Garland on why the best strategy for resilience may be to grow some deep roots in your own hometown. If you have time and want to meet up with some brilliant (and fun) people, be … Continue reading

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On the Cycles of Change Radio Show with David Katzmire

It is unusual to have an in-depth conversation on cycle theory, but Katzmire knows his stuff and asks the right questions. In this discussion, we talk about unexpected opportunities, social trends, and developing a great investment strategy.

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Are Marijuana Stocks Good for Seed Capital?

This is a question that I never expected to ask, “Does marijuana deserve a place in your portfolio?” Call it a legacy of the Baby Boomer generation, or a desperate attempt by states to generate new tax revenues. Either way, … Continue reading

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Investing in the Future: Finding a Fit with Wearable Devices

Can you train like an Olympic athlete, see through the back of your head, and remember everything you did today?  These things are completely unrealistic for most of us, but we are getting closer with breakthroughs in wearable devices. Personal … Continue reading

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Easy Resolutions

A few years ago, I worked for a multi-family office.   We had some “old money” clients and did just about everything related to their finances — from investment management to tax preparation and bill payment services. While most of … Continue reading

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