Presentations, Interviews, Book Signings


January 12  Westminster Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, DE, “Generational Dynamics”

January 18  Cecil County Holistic Fair, “Socially Responsible Investing”

January 24  Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group, Haddonfield, NJ, “Generational Dynamics”

January 30  Trends Breakfast, Wilmington, DE, “Market Timing Basics”

February 7   AARP Innovation Roundtable, Washington, DC, “Perspectives on the Future of Work for Older Americans” (Panelist)

February 27 Trends Breakfast, Wilmington, DE, “Sector Rotation Secrets”

March 1        Mensa Snowball, Iselin, NJ, “Investing in Emerging Technologies”

March 20     BlogSpot Radio/Cycles of Change (Interview)

April 14        Human Resources Management Association of Princeton, Princeton, NJ, “The Millennials in the Workplace” (Moderator)

May 7           Symposium on Polymers for MicroElectronics, Wilmington, DE, “Investing in the Bleeding Edge of Technology (Without Getting Burned)” (Keynote)

May 15         Critical Horizons, Bunbury, Australia, “Aging Populations and Social Capital” (Keynote)


Feb. 23   Fair Grinds Cafe, book signing, New Orleans, LA

March 2  Holistic Gateway, Kennett Square, PA, presentation on “Alternative Finance”

June 26  Trends Breakfast, Wilmington, DE, presentation on “Smarter Approaches to Index Investing”

July 4     Mensa Annual Gathering, Ft. Worth, TX, presentation on “Investing in the Future”

Aug. 7    TEDx Wilmington presentation on “Why the Millennial Generation Isn’t Broken”

Oct. 16   Climate Change and What You Can Do About It  presentation in Wilmington, DE

Oct. 30   Cocktails and Technology, “Investing in Emerging Technologies”, presentation in Wilmington, DE

Nov. 5  Generational Dynamics in the Workplace presentation for the Delaware Chamber of Commerce


April 14        Houston After Capitalism Gathering presentation in Houston, TX

June 1         Wilmington Art Loop book launch party in Wilmington, DE

June 10       Center for Vibrant Living presentation in Kennett Square, PA

June 22       Voice America / Family First radio show interview

July 1          Mensa National Gathering presentation in Reno, NV

July 16        Blogspot Radio / Cycles of Change  interview

July 22        Holistic Gateway presentation in Kennett Square, PA

July 28        World Future Society signing in Toronto, Canada

Aug. 2          Blogspot Radio / Progress Towards Democracy interview

Sept. 1         Arden Fair, signing in Arden, DE

Oct. 1          Sante Fe Public Radio KFSR 101 interview

Oct. 5-6      Hawaii Futures Summit presentation on

“Ephemeralization and the Sharing Economy”

Oct.  23       Buzz Ware Village Center, presentation in Arden, DE

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