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On the Cycles of Change Radio Show with David Katzmire

It is unusual to have an in-depth conversation on cycle theory, but Katzmire knows his stuff and asks the right questions. In this discussion, we talk about unexpected opportunities, social trends, and developing a great investment strategy.

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Investing in the Future: Finding a Fit with Wearable Devices

Can you train like an Olympic athlete, see through the back of your head, and remember everything you did today?  These things are completely unrealistic for most of us, but we are getting closer with breakthroughs in wearable devices. Personal … Continue reading

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Riding the Hype Cycle

Wondering what’s hot and what’s not?  Take a look at the Gartner Hype Cycle, which follows the progress of new technologies. According to Gartner, emerging technologies typically move through phases of overenthusiasm and disillusionment before becoming commonplace reality. Gartner just … Continue reading

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The Surveillance Society

When Edward Snowden revealed the extent of the NSA’s digital surveillance capabilities, shock was coupled with apathy.   Many Americans already assumed they were being watched.  Here is the messy truth:  this has been going on for years.

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Investing in the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Spray-on skin.  Lab-grown ears.  Human tissue grown in a petri dish.  We’re going deep into sci-fi territory (and it is already happening). Regenerative medicine is an emerging field that provides treatments to repair, regenerate, or replace damaged cells and tissue.  … Continue reading

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Profiting from the Internet of Things

If you’ve ever used an ATM machine, pumped your own gas, paid for a bridge toll using EZ Pass, or had a gas meter read remotely, you’ve participated in the coming “internet of things.” The first two versions of the … Continue reading

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Investing in the Future of OLEDs

Margarine, prescription drug, or petroleum product?  Despite the confusing name, OLEDs promise to be the most disruptive display and lighting technology of the next two decades. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes have been around since the 1950’s.  These are carbon-based materials that … Continue reading

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